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Fact sheets, bulletins, emergency response plan, prevention guides on earthquake hazards.

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CA-California Earthquake Safety - Homeowners Guide [pdf] [12531] ?

Requirements according to California law

CA-California FREER Manual [16213] ?

Earthquake construction manual for hospitals & nursing homes in California

Disaster Planning for Earthquakes [8231] ?

For households

Updated Earthquake Engineering Software [20786] ?

Direct download of earthquake engineering research software source code

Earthquake Fact Sheets [905] ?

US Geological Survey earthquake fact sheets

Updated Earthquake Preparation [19865] ?

Protecting your home and family from the effects of an earthquake

Earthquake Preparation Advice [1393] ?

Outlines items recommended for a Quake Kit to prepare for earthquakes

Earthquake Preparedness and Response [40670] ?

Disaster safety information

Earthquake Safety Checklist [pdf] [16427] ?

Earthquake safety and preparedness information for homeowners

Earthquake Scales [22899] ?

Richter Scale and Modified Mercalli (MM) Intensity Scale, Moment Magnitude

Incremental Seismic Rehabilitation of Multifamily Apartments [pdf] [27385] ?

The information necessary to assess the seismic vulnerability of buildings & implement a rehabilitation program

Latest Earthquakes [27078] ?

In the US and abroad

NEHRP Recommended Provisions For Seismic Regulations For New Buildings And Other Structures [pdf] [2360] ?

National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program recommendations

NYC-New York City Seismic Code [36765] ?

Local Law 17/95

PEER Strong Motion Database [20787] ?

Strong Ground-Motion Database of over 140 earthquakes

Planning for Earthquake [11338] ?

The 7 Steps to Earthquake Safety

Protect Your Property from Earthquakes [2922] ?

Incorporating seismic safety in the design, and construction of structures

QuakeQuiz [10465] ?

An earthquake preparation guide

Recent Earthquake Activity Map [853] ?

Current worldwide earthquake information presented by the US Geological Survey

Reducing Workplace Earthquake Hazards [15529] ?

Earthquake preparedness information

School Non-Structural Earthquake Manual [23491] ?

How to identify and strengthen nonstructural elements commonly found in school buildings

Seismic Design for Buildings [pdf] [36763] ?

Unified Facilities Criteria UFC 3-310-04

Seismic Design Manual [36766] ?

Includes sections on piping, ductwork, floor, curb-mounted & suspended equipment, electrical conduit and more

Seismic Design Publications [36764] ?

For seismic design and construction professionals

Seismic Design Requirements [21805] ?

Structural design requirements of the Veterans Administration

Updated Seismic Improvement of Unreinforced Masonry Dwellings [pdf] [16345] ?

How to upgrade existing buildings to resist seismic forces - 7 chapter guide

Seismic Safety (Non Structural) [14300] ?

Safety guidelines to reduce the risk from falling objects of stored materials

Southern California Earthquake Data Center [23825] ?

Information on earthquakes in California and Nevada

Steel Moment-Frame Construction [pdf] [18004] ?

Steel-frame buildings designed to sway without fracturing in earthquakes are not as safe as thought

Utah Wasatch Front Seismic Zone Assessment [pdf] [16349] ?

The Wasatch Front region of Utah is an extremely active seismic zone

Updated What You Should Know: Earthquake [2522] ?

Prevention guide to promote personal safety and health before, during & after an earthquake

Worker Safety Guide for Earthquakes [27394] ?

Preparing for earthquakes and responding to them effectively can reduce the dangers

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