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Tips for protecting property against terrorists. Reduce the risk of being a victim of terrorism. Profiles of counterterrorist units, information on weapons, equipment and more. Reports on international terrorism. Information on over 100 terrorist groups. Counter-terrorism efforts of the EPA. USA government resources related to counter-terrorism.

39 Resources
Biosecurity Measures for Agriculture [22269] ?

Agricultural biosecurity guides and checklists

Building Design for Homeland Security - Course Materials [27711] ?

Download course materials used in a Federal Emergency Management Agency course

Center for Nonproliferation Studies [22666] ?

Information and analysis to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction

Chemical Facility Vulnerability Assessment Methodology [pdf] [21678] ?

Tool to help protect chemical plants against possible terrorist activity

CIA & the War on Terrorism [22312] ?

The CIA's role on the war on terrorism

CTPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism [15986] ?

Government-business initiative to strengthen overall supply chain & border security

Design of Commercial Buildings to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks [pdf] [27709] ?

Mitigate the threat of hazards caused by terrorist assaults

EPA Homeland Security [4167] ?

Counter-terrorism efforts of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Protection [9835] ?

Plan for providing protection to high risk personnel

Food Defense Plan Builder [22268] ?

This tool harnesses existing FDA tools, guidance, and resources for food defense

Food Security: Food Producers, Processors, Transporters, and Retailers [20647] ?

Minimize the risk of food being subjected to tampering or criminal or terrorist action

Food Security: Importers and Filers Food Security Preventive Measures Guidance [20648] ?

Preventive measures to take to minimize the risk that food under their control will be tampered

Food Security: Retail Food Stores and Food Service Establishments [26349] ?

Recommended controls in light of the potential for tampering or other malicious, criminal, or terrorist actions

Global Terrorism Database [27437] ?

Analysis on global terrorist incidents, terrorism-related court cases, and terrorist groups and leaders

Guide to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks [pdf] [27710] ?

Methods to assess the risks and to mitigate them

Homeland Security - Preventing Terrorism [32696] ?

USA strategy designed to help guide, organize, and unify the nation's homeland security efforts.

Homeland Security Advisory System [24893] ?

Understanding the warning system related to terrorist threats

Homeland Security Guide [30300] ?

A guide for state governments to meet their homeland security roles and responsibilities

How to Tell if Your Neighbor is a Bombmaker [39832] ?

Advice from Stratfor

Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Threat Analysis [14076] ?

Counter-terrorism guidance

Jane's Security [20118] ?

News articles on the war on terrorism

Making the Nation Safer: The Role of Science and Technology in Countering Terrorism [25641] ?

2002 report from the US National Research Council with approximately 150 recommendations

National Strategy for: The Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets [28954] ?

The US national policy for protecting the nation's critical infrastructures

Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism [12545] ?

US State Dept Office

Overseas Security Advisory Council [23965] ?

Promotes security cooperation between American private sector interests worldwide and the U.S. Department of State

Post-Disaster Guidance [19891] ?

Information from the Office of Personnel Management

Reference Manual to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings [pdf] [27708] ?

Guidance to reduce physical damage to buildings, infrastructure and people caused by terrorist assaults

RMS Terrorism Risk [13025] ?

Articles look at terrorism risk

Terrorism - Basics [11512] ?

Understanding terrorism

Terrorism - Preparing for the Unexpected [5544] ?

Advice for the general public

Terrorism and Domestic Preparedness [21570] ?

Articles related to domestic preparedness

Terrorism and Security Collection [22272] ?

Publications about the science and policy issues surrounding terrorism and security

Terrorism, Infrastructure Protection and US Food & Agriculture [pdf] [13544] ?

Issues related to critical infrastructure protection for the US agricultural sector

Terrorist Groups [11511] ?

As designated by the US Dept of State

Terrorist Hazards [14879] ?

Terrorism preparedness planning guidance

UN Actions to Counter Terrorism [11508] ?

United Nations global counter-terrorism strategy

US National Terrorism Advisory System Alerts [20009] ?

Each alert provides information to the public about the threat

US State Dept Bureau of Counterterrorism [26017] ?

Takes a leading role in developing coordinated strategies to defeat terrorists abroad

Water Systems Security [24424] ?

Outlining procedures for securing public water systems against terrorist attacks

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Chemical and biological weapons, bioterrorism

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Examples of emergency management and action plans

Risk Mgt / Political Risk
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Risk Mgt / Terrorism
Information about the insurance industry and the WTC bombings

Security / Computer Crime
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Security / Crime
Articles, statistics, programs related to crime and its prevention

Security / Hate Crime
Active hate groups, street gang criminals, hate crimes

Security / Travel Safety
Travel warnings, public announcements, global news affecting overseas travel

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