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FEMA contacts and hotlines, EPA contacts and hotlines, LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee contacts, National Response Center for reporting chemical incidents, oil spills, etc. Report terrorist activity to the FBI

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Updated ATSDR Emergency Response Teams [19910] ?

24 hour availability - phone number to access Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

Emergency Contact Information [19959] ?

List of US federal and New York State emergency phone numbers

EPA State Federal Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Contacts [2423] ?

Lists of names, addresses, phone numbers

FBI Field Offices [23966] ?

The FBI encourages the public to report any suspected violations of U.S. federal law

FBI: Report Terrorist, Suspected Espionare and Internet Fraud Activities [19772] ?

Report criminal activities to the US FBI

FEMA Contacts [19840] ?

Directories to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA Housing Portal [35499] ?

Includes the ability to search available housing

US Chemical Safety Board [25646] ?

Investigates chemical incidents and hazards

US DOL Hurricane Recovery Assistance [20218] ?

US Dept of Labor contacts

USA Dept of Justice Victim Assistance Center [20245] ?

Fact sheet provides toll free numbers

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Disasters / Government Services
US federal , state and local government disaster response services

Disasters / Relief Agencies
Non-government organizations that provide disaster relief services

Environment / Hotlines
Tollfree numbers for EPA assistance

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