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Advice on how to create effective Business Continuity Plans (BCP), business disaster recovery and more.

51 Resources
5 Key Steps to Emergency Planning [24781] ?

Success in Five Steps

BCP Guidance [27660] ?

General information regarding business continuity planning

Business & Industry Disaster Preparation [16431] ?

Preparing your business for the unthinkable

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for IT Assurance [pdf] [29770] ?

For information technology business continuity planning

Business Continuity Checklists [26081] ?

To measure the completeness of vital components of your Business Continuity Planning Program

Business Continuity Knowledge [27665] ?

Factors that should be looked at from a business interruption standpoint

Business Continuity Plan [pdf] [22027] ?

BCP plan template

Business Continuity Plan [pdf] [15793] ?

These are materials in use by the State of Oregon for their state agencies

Updated Business Continuity Plan Checklist [29768] ?

For use in your business continuity or disaster recovery plan

Business Continuity Plan Checklist for Pandemic Flu [pdf] [29769] ?

A checklist for plan development

Updated Business Continuity Planning [40808] ?

Tips and guidance on why and how to create a continuity plan.

Business Continuity Planning Glossary [37751] ?

Definitons of terms related to business continuity planning - BCP

Business Continuity Planning Topics [27663] ?

Papers on a wide variety of business continuity topics

Business Continuity Professional Practices [29771] ?

Defines the boundaries of the business continuity planning profession and the knowledge required for BCP

Business Continuity Testing and Exercises [27656] ?

Articles on testing business continuity plans

Business Continuity White Papers [29764] ?

Resources related to disaster recovery

Business Continuity: Basic Resources [29760] ?

Articles related to business continuity program management

Business Disaster Preparedness [21748] ?

Planning advice to help create the foundation of a disaster recovery plan

Business Recovery Planning [22184] ?

Ideas to help get your business back on the road to recovery

Continuity of Operations Plans [23441] ?

Plan templates and forms

Disaster Planning & Management [20007] ?

Series of article to help you determine your company's level of preparedness

Updated Disaster Preparedness and Recovery [27664] ?

Things to consider

Disaster Recovery Plans [37750] ?

Disaster recovery and business continuity plan advice

Disaster Recovery Team Sample Plans [29765] ?

Sample business resumption plans focused on the business recovery team

Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry [2921] ?

Step-by-step approach to emergency planning, response and recovery for all companies

Emergency Preparedness for Business [20729] ?

Management Planning Guides

Emergency Preparedness for Business [23336] ?

Planning guides for business emergency management

Updated Flu Preparedness - Business [20011] ?

Business planning considerations

Glossary of Terms - Business Continuity [12156] ?

Terms commonly used by business continuity planners

Updated How Should HR and Managers React in the Aftermath of Terrorism Events? [20223] ?

Possible Solutions and Things a Manager Can Do

IT Continuity [27662] ?

Articles on the protection of information technology systems and assets in business continuity

Updated IT Disaster Recovery is not Business Continuity [20013] ?

Planning for the next disaster

Key Considerations for Disaster Recovery Planning [23940] ?

Executive white papers and checklists

Loan Scams and Disasters [21583] ?

Avoiding loan scams after a natural disaster

Minimum OSHA Emergency Action Plan Elements [16110] ?

Includes a sample worksheet

NOAA Coastal Risk Services Center [20418] ?

Identifying hazards and preparing your organization for emergency

Updated Pandemic Checklist - Overseas Business Operations [pdf] [27666] ?

A framework for planning and responding to a pandemic threat

Pandemic Disruption Plan [pdf] [29759] ?

Continuity planning guidelines

Primary Site Selection Strategies for Business Continuity Planning [27655] ?

The most effective way to choose a site is to balance the organization’s financial costs with its operational needs

Professional Practices for Business Continuity Planners [2506] ?

Documents outline the body of knowledge needed to be effective in disaster recovery planning

Signs of Terrorism [pdf] [4311] ?

A brochure

Standards & Regulations Relevant to Business Continuity Management [24671] ?

Be aware of the impact of various global standards, regulations and laws

Steps for a Business Continuity Plan [21649] ?

Outlines how to create a business continuity plan

Supply Chain Security Guidelines [pdf] [27134] ?

A paper that provides a summary of supply chain security guidelines

Tips for Resuming Business Post-Disaster [pdf] [35718] ?

Resuming business quickly requires pre-disaster planning

University of Colorado Umbrella Plan [pdf] [27959] ?

Outlines procedures for managing major emergencies

Vendor Business Continuity Planning Questionnaire [pdf] [29763] ?

Distribute to vendors and business partners critical to your business operations

Vulnerability Analysis Chart [11009] ?

Sample chart to assist businesses in the vulnerability assessment process

When Death Strikes at Work [19883] ?

How to respond to a fatal accident at work

Workforce Continuity [35326] ?

Business interruptions can displace employees from their workplace – without affecting your data center

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Computer disaster recovery plan

Disasters / Emergency Plans
Examples of emergency management and action plans

Disasters / Guides
Step-by-step approach to emergency planning, disaster guides

Disasters / Insurance
Flood National Flood Insurance Program documents - flood zones

Disasters / Mail
Bioterrorism and mail hazards - mail bomb warning indicators

Disasters / Mitigation
How to mitigate property losses from wildfires, floods, earthquakes & wind, etc

Disasters / Recovery
Flood clean-up, disaster recovery program guidance

Human Resources / Leave
FMLA, leave policies and forms

Risk Mgt / Business Interruption
Contingency planning and business interruption materials

Risk Mgt / Terrorism
Information about the insurance industry and the WTC bombings

Security / Biometrics
Facial imaging, retinal scans, fingerprint scans, voice recognition, etc.

Security / Business Security
Crime-free workplace, corporate security, business protection from burglary

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