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Challenging hospital and doctor costs. Entire text of the results of California's survey of workers compensation managed care practices.

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Achieving Workers Compensation Savings through Medical Bill Repricing [20884] ?

Basics to consider related to medical bill repricing

AK-Alaska WC Medical Services Review Report [39663] ?

Addresses medical cost containment in workers compensation

AL-Alabama WC Utilization Review & Bill Screening Rules [21737] ?

The initial effective date of these rules was September 12, 1996

AR-Arkansas Rule 33 Managed Care -WC [pdf] [15224] ?

Full text of the rule to implement a voluntary managed care program in Arkansas

CA-California WC Medical Unit [30033] ?

Policy and guidelines for the treatment and evaluation of injured workers

CA-California WC Primary Treating Physicians [30036] ?

Information for physicians who treat WC patients in the State of California

CO-Colorado Medical Provider Topics [15819] ?

Medical Treatment Guidelines Quick Reference Guides, fee schedules and more

CO-Colorado Rule 17 Medical Treatment Guidelines [18649] ?

State WC treatment guidelines

CT-Connecticut WC Medical Protocols [pdf] [29993] ?

Protocols concerning the reasonableness and appropriateness of medical treatment of claimants in workers compensation

CT-Connecticut WC Utilization Review Procedures [pdf] [29994] ?

UR procedures concerning reasonableness and appropriateness of medical treatment of claimants in workers compensation

FL-Florida Workers Compensation Managed Care [11776] ?

Worker's Compensation Managed Care Arrangements in Florida

GA-Georgia Best Practices for Selecting Doctors for Your WC Panel [pdf] [32936] ?

Identifies 3 panel options available under Georgia WC law

GA-Georgia Workers Compensation Managed Care & Rehabilitation Division [15241] ?

Certifies managed care organizations for Workers' Compensation in GA

ID-Idaho WC Medical Providers [23182] ?

Information for workers compensation medical providers in the State of Idaho

Impact of Physician Fee Schedules on WC [pdf] [40386] ?

The results of a study 2015

KS-Kansas WC Official Disability Guidelines [25898] ?

Download the guidelines

KY-Kentucky Medical Services [15254] ?

Cost containment and the administration of medically related services are the primary activities

KY-Kentucky: Managed Care [13425] ?

WC managed care plan requirements in the state of Kentucky

LA-Louisiana WC Medical Services [23190] ?

Information for WC medical service providers in LA

MI-Michigan WC Health Care Services [26365] ?

Resources related to workers compensation and health care providers in the State of MI

MN-Minnesota Certified Managed Care Organizations [15283] ?

FAQs and list of certified plans

Updated MO-Missouri Information for WC Health Care Providers [24273] ?

There are two types of medical fee disputes and each has a separate procedure

MT-Montana WC Managed Care Organizations [23194] ?

The WC Regulation Bureau certifies managed care organizations (MCOs)

NC-North Carolina Workers Compensation Medical Providers [23205] ?

FAQ - answers to common questions

ND-North Dakota Information for WC Medical Providers [23208] ?

Covers managed care, billings and medical payments, return to work and more

NE-Nebraska Certified Managed Care Plans [15325] ?

Listing of names and address of certified plans, IMEs, voc rehab counselors and more

NM-New Mexico WC Health Care Providers [23163] ?

Information for health care providers on New Mexico WC requirements

NY-New York: Resources for WC Health Care Providers [15220] ?

Medical guidelines, forms, etc.

OH-Ohio Managed Care [15337] ?

Health Partnership Program (HPP) and Qualified Heath Plan (QHP)

OR-Oregon Managed Care Organizations [15339] ?

Pertains to information for MCOs that provide medical services to injured workers in Oregon

OR-Oregon Medical Providers [23165] ?

Requirements for WC medical providers in the State of Oregon

SD-South Dakota: Case Management [14399] ?

WC insurers and self-insureds must provide case management services

VA-Virginia WC Health Care Providers [23175] ?

Information from the State for Workers Compensation health care providers

VT-Vermont WC Medical/Health Care Providers Information [11264] ?

Topics of interest to Vermont WC medical providers

WA-Washington WC Medical Providers [13834] ?

Requirements for medical providers

WI-Wisconsin Medical [5705] ?

Requirements for WC medical providers in the State of Wisconsin

WY-Wyoming Health/Medical Service Provider Services [23227] ?

Billing guidelines and other helpful information

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