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Full text of a training manual on fighting workers compensation fraud. Statistics, guidelines to spot WC fraud, case studies of fraud, etc.

15 Resources
Blog: Workers Comp Claimant Fraud [33864] ?

Commentary on the issue

Comp Cheats Confess All on Social Networking Sites [37805] ?

Workers compensation claims investigators are increasingly scouring popular social networking Web sites

Effectiveness of Warnings on Benefit Checks [20135] ?

WC insurer experience and perceptions with printed warnings on the back of benefit checks

Examples of Workers Compensation Fraud [20133] ?

Also identifies claimant and policyholder red flags

Fighting WC Fraud [23671] ?

Examples of fraud investigation tips including a sample company WC fraudulent claim policy

Independent Medical Exams - Legal Perspectives [37807] ?

The claimant should be prepared by counsel to address the following subjects with the independent medical examiner

Indicators of Workers Compensation Fraud [23880] ?

Red flags of possible WC fraud from the injured employee

Myth of Workers Compensation Fraud [17797] ?

Cites sources that say that only 1-2 percent of WC claims are fraudulent

Red Flags for WC Insurance Fraud [24822] ?

Workers' compensation red flags for claims fraud

Top Red Flags Fraud Indicators for WC [30031] ?

Checklist of red flags that may indicate workers compensation fraud

Types of WC Fraud [15214] ?

Examples of employee, employer and health care provider fraud

Warning Signs of Worker's Compensation Fraud [21553] ?

Red flags for WC fraud plus prevention steps

WC Fraud Control [20039] ?

Ways to reduce fraudulent workers compensation claims

What is Workers Compensation Fraud? [15215] ?

New Jersey's definition of WC fraud

Workers Compensation Red Flags [doc] [12596] ?

Red flags checklist for claims professionals to use

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DHHS OIC compliance program, health care fraud, physician fraud, etc.

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Insurance fraud, lawyer fraud, red flags, etc.

Workers Comp / Premium Audit
Premium audit of workers compensation insurance

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