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State mandated medical fee schedules for WC. Not all states provide online access to their fee schedules. For those states, information is provided as to where to order their fee schedules. Note the short description under the title with (fees) - indicating these must be purchased elsewhere. A few states (such as Tennessee) base their computation of WC fee schedules on Medicare rates which are available in our library in the Managed Care - Medical Costs section under Medicare Payment Systems. You must conduct the calculations yourself. They are not provided for you. The following states allow payment of Workers' Compensation claims at usual and customary rates: District of Columbia, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin

61 Resources
AK-Alaska Workers Compensation Fee Schedule Contact Information [pdf] [39664] ?

Uses Dec 2010 schedule - this info does not provide access to the actual fee schedules

AL-Alabama WC Provider Fee Schedules [23703] ?

From 2007 to the present

AR-Arkansas: WC Medical Fees Schedule [11194] ?

Rule 30 Medical Fee Schedule

Attorney Fees in Workers Compensation [pdf] [30017] ?

A chart of state WC laws that affect attorney fees for claimants

Updated AZ-Arizona WC Fee Schedules [27197] ?

Current and historical fee schedules

CA-California WC Official Medical Fee Schedule [30037] ?

Physician services fee schedules

CA-California: WC Medical Fee Schedules [11196] ?

For ambulance fees, inpatient, outpatient, laboratory, pharmaceuticals and physician services

CO-Colorado: WC Medical Fee Schedule [11199] ?

The text of Rule 18 which contains the Medical Fee Schedule for WC in Colorado

CT-Connecticut WCC Official Connecticut Practitioner Fee Schedule [27190] ?

Ordering information only (fees) - not online

DE-Delaware Workers Compensation Fee Schedule [34445] ?

Contains the official Delaware Office of Workers’ Compensation Health Care fee schedule

FL-Florida WC Health Care Provider Fee for Service Reimbursement Manual [19926] ?

Reimbursement policies and maximum reimbursable allowances by CPT code

FL-Florida WC Reimbursement Manual for Hospitals [11250] ?

Full text of the manual

GA-Georgia Workers Compensation Medical Fee Schedule [27191] ?

Ordering information only (fees) - not online

HI-Hawaii Disability Compensation Medical Fee Schedule [15515] ?

The WC medical fee schedule for the state of Hawaii

HI-Hawaii WC Medical Fee Schedule Rules [pdf] [29643] ?

Text of fee schedule rules effective 2-28-11

ID-Idaho WC Fee Schedule [27505] ?

Current and historical

ID-Idaho WC Medical Fee Schedule [31718] ?

The text of the fee schedules as well as the rules and regulations governing them

ID-Idaho WC Medical Fee Schedule Rules [29170] ?

Applicable to all workers compensation medical services provided on or after March 29, 2010

IL-Illinois WC Fee Schedule [27507] ?

Access the fee schedule online

KS-Kansas WC Medical Fee Schedule [pdf] [23183] ?

Download the fee schedule for workers compensation

KY-Kentucky WC Medical Fee Schedules [23704] ?

Ordering information is provided (fees) - not online

LA-Louisiana WC CPT Codes - 2000 Update & Rehabilitation Services Fee Schedule [35001] ?

Contains the CPT numeric identifying codes and modifier for reporting medical services and procedures

MA-Massachusetts Worker's Compensation Fee Schedules [20455] ?

Fee schedules for workers compensation in MA

MD-Maryland WC Medical Fee Schedule [22408] ?

Maryland Specific Conversion Factor (MSCF) and Percentage Multiplier information

ME-Maine: WC Medical Fee Schedules [11216] ?

Medical fee schedule for the State of Maine

MI-Michigan WC Health Care Services Fee Schedule [15260] ?

Access to the entire fee schedule

MN-Minnesota WC Medical Fee Schedule [23705] ?

Access the medical fee schedule and obtain the conversion factors

MS-Mississippi WC Medical Fee Schedule [15301] ?

Medical fee schedules for workers compensation

MT-Montana Facility WC Fee Schedule [39845] ?

Applies to all services and procedures provided in a facility on or after December 1, 2008

MT-Montana WC Fee Schedule [35622] ?

Access to the schedule

MT-Montana WC Medical Regulations [15304] ?

Fee schedules and more

NC-North Carolina Industrial Commission Medical Fee Schedule [15312] ?

Access to the medical fee schedule for WC in North Carolina

ND-North Dakota WC Medical Services Fee Schedules [15318] ?

Download North Dakota's WC medical fee schedules

NE-Nebraska WC Fee Schedules [23706] ?

Medical Services Fee Schedule, Hospital & Ambulatory Surgery, Implantable Medical Device, DRG Inpatient Hospital Fees

NM-New Mexico WC Physicians Fee Schedule [23164] ?

Text of the workers compensastion fee schedule for New Mexico

NV-Nevada WC Medical Fee Schedules [15334] ?

The medical fee schedules for the state of Nevada

NY-New York WC Medical Fee Schedules [14959] ?

Inpatient & Outpatient Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Durable Medical Goods and Equipment, Medicaid Pharmacy Formulary Files

OH-Ohio: WC Provider Fee Schedule [11246] ?

Current and historical fee schedules for workers compensation

OK-Oklahoma WC Schedule of Medical and Hospital Fees [27195] ?

Text of the WC fee schedule for the State of Oklahoma

OR-Oregon WC Hospital Fee Schedule [pdf] [35621] ?

Apply these ratios to hospital inpatient and outpatient services

OR-Oregon WC Medical Fee and Payment Rules [15341] ?

Full text of the rules related to Oregon Medical Fee Schedules

OR-Oregon WC Medical Fee Schedules [34270] ?

Resources for calculating the Fee Schedule

OWCP Medical Fee Schedule [28782] ?

Applies to FECA, EEOIC and LHWCA; a modified version is used for the FBLBA

PA-Pennsylvania Charge Classes by Zip Code [23215] ?

The major users for this list are those who reprice medical bills to the workers' compensation fee schedule

PA-Pennyslvania: WC Fee Schedule [11253] ?

Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule for Part A (Tables A through H) and Part B medical providers

RI-Rhode Island Workers Compensation Medical Schedule [15327] ?

Ordering information only (fees)

SC-South Carolina WC Fee Schedules [27196] ?

Information about the fee schedules - Medical Services Provider Manual must be purchased (fees)

SD-South Dakota WC Physicians Fee Schedule [23216] ?

Access to the rules and medical fee schedule for workers compensation in SD

TN-Tennessee WC Medical Fee Schedule [27504] ?

Explains the Medicare-based system with multiple conversion factors

TX-Texas WC Medical and Facility Fees [29057] ?

Billing and Reimbursement information

TX-Texas Workers Compensation Fee Guidelines [22099] ?

Hospital Fee Guidelines, Medical Fee Guidelines, Ambulatory Surgical Center Fee Guidelines

Updated UT-Utah WC Medical Fee Standards [23220] ?

Text of Utah Labor Commission's Medical Fee Schedule

VA-Virginia WC Rights and Remedies for Medical Providers [24322] ?

There is no fee schedule in Virginia

VT-Vermont: Workers Compensation Fee Schedule, Rule 40 [11263] ?

Text of the Vermont WC Fee Schedule

WA-Washington WC Fee Schedules [5302] ?

Contains department rules, payment policies and CPT & HCPCS fee schedules

WI-Wisconsin Hospital Radiology Databases [894] ?

Fees by CPT Code for hospital radiology WC charges

WV-West Virginia WC Medical Fee Schedule [24323] ?

Download the fee schedules

WV-West Virginia Workers Compensation Fees & Schedules [29891] ?

Medical reimbursement, legislation and rules

WY-Wyoming WC Fee Schedules [pdf] [23226] ?

Wyoming WC rules and regulations and reimbursement rates related to Fee Schedules

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