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State workers compensation Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements for claim submission.

31 Resources
AL-Alabama WC EDI [29095] ?

Information related to the state's EDI requirements for workers compensation

CA-California Workers Compensation Information System [15228] ?

Uses Electronic Data Interchange to collect comprehensive information from claims administrators

CO-Colorado EDI and Online Filing for WC [23155] ?

How to implement EDI for Colorado WC claims

CT-Connecticut EDI Claim Reporting [15238] ?

FAQ on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claim reporting in CT

EDI-Related Property & Casualty Code Lists [40225] ?

A list of the codes

FL-Florida EDI [23084] ?

Electronic Data Interchange for Claim reporting in Florida

GA-Georgia ICMS System [32926] ?

ICMS - Integrated Claims Management System - includes EDI and web submissions

IA-Iowa EDI Certified Vendors [4310] ?

EDI Approved Vendors Release

IA-Iowa EDI Claim and Reporting Compliance Handbook [6250] ?

Electronic Data Interchange information for WC in the state of Iowa

IAIABC EDI Standard Forms, Codes [15239] ?

Standards on reporting industrial accidents

IN-Indiana EDI [15250] ?

The Worker's Compensation Board EDI Program

KS-Kansas EDI Requirements [25894] ?

Workers compensation EDI informational materials for Kansas

KY-Kentucky EDI [15253] ?

Description of the state of Kentucky's Electronic Data Interchange requirements

MI-Michigan WC EDI [26362] ?

Information about Michigan's EDI program for workers compensation

MN-Minnesota EDI Implementation Guide [24995] ?

FAQ, transaction layout and validation and more

Updated MO-Missouri WC EDI Reporting [24262] ?

Instructions and forms

MS-Mississippi EDI Information for WC [15299] ?

Support materials

MT-Montana EDI [15305] ?

Information on Montana's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) procedures

NC-North Carolina EDI for WC [23206] ?

Insurers who agree to send documents electronically

NE-Nebraska Electronic Data Interchange [15323] ?

EDI information for Nebraska workers compensation

NJ-New Jersey EDI Implementation Guide [22068] ?

122 page implementation guide for filing WC by EDI in New Jersey

NJ-New Jersey EDI Standards for WC [23203] ?

Details of the Electronic Data Interchange reporting requirements

NM-New Mexico EDI [pdf] [15332] ?

File WC EDI in the state of NM

NY-New York Electronic Data Transmission [15335] ?

New York WCB Electronic Data Transmission Registration

OR-Oregon EDI for WC [23168] ?

Information on Oregon's EDI reporting requirements

PA-Pennsylvania EDI Requirements for WC [36290] ?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) involves the computer-to-computer exchange of data between companies and the State

TX-Texas Workers Compensation EDI Guides [15263] ?

Describes the Texas EDI process requirements

VT-Vermont EDI [23223] ?

Electronic Data Interchange Frequently Asked Questions for Vermont WC

WA-Washington WC Electronic Billing [32414] ?

Information about Provider Express Billing or using an intermediary/clearinghouse

WI-Wisconsin EDI for Workers Compensation [15270] ?

Answers frequently asked questions, EDI formats and more

WV-West Virginia EDI WC Reporting [15272] ?

Guidance for EDI requirements

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