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Steps to take to establish a return to work program. Forces that adversely affect RTW. Full text of RTW programs for the USA federal government, a university and the state of Georgia.

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Alberta, Canada Return to Work [1972] ?

Reference materials on return to work requirements for Alberta workplaces

Avoid WC Supplements [28724] ?

Employer should not offset the reduction in pay an employee experiences when receiving WC benefits

Best Practices for Early Return to Work [27413] ?

Brief summary states that these programs reduce claims, lower premium and litigation expenses

Best Practices for Early Return to Work Program [pdf] [32935] ?

Guidance for developing a transitional duty program

CA-California WC Carve-Out Procedures [pdf] [33513] ?

Procedures to follow and benefits to include when creating a workers compensation carve-out in California

CA-California: Return to Work in California [9966] ?

7/01 study examines perspectives and insights from five interest groups - strategies suggested

Chapter 5 Return to Work Program [9428] ?

Full text of WC return to work program for state agencies in Texas - plus, checklist & forms

Cost-Saving Tips & Early Return to Work Programs [13416] ?

Advice on return to work programs and more

Creating a Return to Work Program [33860] ?

A guide that includes sample forms including a job analysis worksheet and physical assessment form

Creating a Return to Work Program [pdf] [20129] ?

Sample forms and advice on creating a RTW program

Critical Incident Response Policy [9653] ?

Policy for a critical incident management plan

Disability Management Policy [1536] ?

Example of a policy developed by a major university

Does Modified Work Facilitate Return to Work for Disabled Workers? [8583] ?

1997 report prepared for the Industrial Medical Council of the state of California

Updated Early Return to Work [22601] ?

Steps to Implementing Return-to-Work following worker injury

Early Return to Work Program [pdf] [27036] ?

Guidance on creating a return to work program for injured employees

EEOC Enforcement Guidance: Workers Compensation and the ADA [3792] ?

EEOC position on the interaction between the ADA and workers compensation laws

Evaluating Patients for Return to Work [11527] ?

Outlines the return to work process required of the health care provider

GA-Georgia Return to Work Program [19674] ?

An explanation of the state of Georgia's RTW program for state employees

Injured Texas Worker Checklist [25906] ?

To be given to the injured employee regarding WC return to work

Job Accommodation Ideas [18298] ?

Several ideas for accommodating individuals with disabilities

MN-Minnesota Injured Workers Responsibilities [18392] ?

A sample policy statement to be signed by the injured worker

OR-Oregon Perferred Worker Program [15493] ?

Encourages re-employment of qualified Oregon workers who have permanent disabilities

OR-Oregon Return to Work [23028] ?

Employer-at-Injury Program (EAIP) and the The Preferred Worker Program (PWP)

Post Injury Management for Workplace Injuries [40813] ?

Strategies to help employees get back to work

Reasonable Accommodation Checklist [pdf] [35937] ?

Steps to take for accommodating an injured employee's return to work

Reasonable Accommodation Process [4961] ?

Returning injured employees to work

Return to Work Forms [22389] ?

In use by a major university

Return to Work Myths [pdf] [27411] ?

Debunks return-to-work myths and discusses the realities behind them

Return to Work Plan [23881] ?

Advice and materials for employers in creating an effective return to work plan

Updated Return to Work Policy [pdf] [35651] ?

Example of a policy for employee back to work with minimal lost time and as part of their recovery process

Return to Work Program [pdf] [40653] ?

A manual in use by the State of Montana

Return to Work Program for Injured Workers [13403] ?

Steps for Developing a Return-to-Work Program

Return to Work Program Guide [20151] ?

The Why and How of Return to Work Programs

Return to Work Program Handbook [pdf] [25419] ?

Provides guidelines to help the employer develop a plan

Return to Work Programs [29005] ?

Critical elements for a successful RTW process

Return to Work Study [27412] ?

Study on more than 45,000 employees, plus the value of transitional work

Return to Work Toolkit [35794] ?

Advice and resources for employers

Return to Work Tools [23668] ?

Return to work kits for small and large businesses

Return-to-Work Toolkit [37930] ?

Use this toolkit to learn about the tools and resources available to assist you with the return-to-work process

Sample Return to Work Program [pdf] [16510] ?

Elements of a Modified/Return-To-Work Program

School Return to Work Program [22391] ?

Text of a return to work program for school districts

Strategies Promoting Return to Work [pdf] [15212] ?

Advice for employers

Supervisor WC Procedures and Forms [26848] ?

Includes the usual WC claims process as well as return to work duties of the supervisor

The Attending Physician's Role in Helping Patients Return to Work [12145] ?

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Panel position statement

Transitional Duty Cost Calculator [38821] ?

This tool calculates how much a particular lost time claim costs your company

Transitional Return to Work Guidelines [27859] ?

Example of a sample written procedure for returning injured workers to transitional duties

Transitional Work Plan for Returning to Work [35938] ?

A form for use in outlining the plan specifications for returning an injured employee to work

TX-Texas Return to Work Program for Employers [24548] ?

Developing a Return to Work Program: A Resource for Employers

Workers Compensation and Return-to-Work in Low Back Pain [11590] ?

The relationship of Workers' Compensation and litigation to low back pain (LBP) outcome - 1995 study

Workers Compensation Case Management [22353] ?

US National Park Service's directives regarding return to work

Workers Compensation Return to Work Manual [pdf] [21532] ?

As set up by the State of Georgia

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