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Property insurance claims handling and management resources

21 Resources
2016 US Property Claims Satisfaction Survey [13450] ?

Overall client satisfaction with the property insurance claims experience

Business Interruption Calculator [30362] ?

For the calculation of business interruption costs and determining the amount of insurance coverage you need

Coinsurance Calculator [35278] ?

Used by adjusters to determine the amount payable on a property claim

Depreciation Calculator [30365] ?

Computes the value of a personal property item based it's age and replacement value

Dimensional Lumber Calculator [30366] ?

Compute the total Board Feet required based upon the size of the lumber and the length of required lumber

Diminution in Value [37344] ?

A primer on the subject

Fire Investigation Resource Center [13032] ?

Articles covers the complexity of fire investigation

How to Calculate Depreciation [17957] ?

A series of articles includes how to program a depreciation calculator

How to Calculate Depreciation for Insurance [5766] ?

How to calculate a standard depreciation schedule

How to Navigate Claims Negotiations [24389] ?

Developing trust, knowing the details of the file, and good listening skills are fundamental

Insurance-to-Value [pdf] [31238] ?

Property coinsurance use in the insurance industry

Major Fire Loss Investigation [15790] ?

Discussing major fire loss investigation procedures - applicable also to smaller fire loss examinations

NFIP Adjuster Certification [25750] ?

Information on how to become certified to adjust National Flood Insurance Program claims

Property Claims Adjusting [5407] ?

Articles related to property claims and risk management

Property Claims: Calculators [31035] ?

A series of online calculators to assist property adjusters

Property Claims: Unit Cost Pricing [31034] ?

There are limitations to Unit Cost Pricing as used by property adjusters

Property Damage - Insurance Claims [13020] ?

Frequently Asked Questions About Property Damage Insurance Claims

Property Damage 101 [13019] ?

Guidelines for determining storm-caused damage

Property Loss Report [14519] ?

Forms assist with reporting property losses

Property Valuation [34320] ?

A series of articles on the application of replacement cost, optional property insurance values, gaps in replacment cost

Roofing Claims: Unit Cost Pricing [31033] ?

What can and cannot be included

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