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Information on fraudulent claims. Red flags. Property insurance fraud. Attorney fraud. Tips on how to make best use of video surveillance. Insurance fraud recognition.

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Audacious Insurance Fraud [28005] ?

Examples of some of the crimes concocted by insurance criminals

Auto Insurance Fraud - Florida [10528] ?

Organization supports meaningful auto insurance reforms

CA-California Department of Insurance Fraud Division [10304] ?

Division that fights insurance fraud in California

Car Insurance Accident Scams [26807] ?

How to prevent becoming a victim of auto accident fraud and disaster fraud

CIFI Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator [24932] ?

How to obtain the CIFI certification

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud [2111] ?

National organization dedicated to fighting insurance fraud through advocacy and public education

Controlling Claim Fraud [pdf] [27981] ?

This article presents a program for comprehensive insurance fraud control

Ethical Dilemma Caused by Fighting Fraud [30112] ?

Discusses the obligation to and dangers of reporting suspected fraud

Factsheet on Insurance Fraud [3062] ?

Fact sheet describing insurance fraud including a description of legislative initiatives

FBI and Insurance Fraud [27371] ?

Insurance fraud to be one ot the top priorities for the FBI

Help Stop Fraud [17267] ?

Guidance from the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention

Indicators of Insurance Fraud [23981] ?

Listed by line of coverage

Insurance Antifraud Laws [35390] ?

Typically, fraud statutes establish the following framework

Insurance Fraud [35395] ?

Can only be defeated by a thorough investigation by competent and well-trained claimspersons and investigators

Insurance Fraud - Cars [35826] ?

Examples of car insurance fraud

Insurance Fraud Bureau [723] ?

State of Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau

Insurance Fraud Detection Hints [pdf] [15746] ?

Clues on what to look for

Insurance Fraud Handbook [pdf] [13023] ?

Special investigation unit performance measurement

Insurance Fraud Impact [24931] ?

Why worry

Insurance Fraud Research [2274] ?

Research papers on the subject

Insurance Fraud: Red Flags [24821] ?

For property, WC, security, vehicle theft fraud

Insurance Fraud: Survey Targets Industry Fraud [21738] ?

Results of 2004 survey targeting consumer attitudes regarding insurance fraud

Insurer Information Sharing to Fight Fraud [30133] ?

A discussion of legislation designed to encourage insurers to share information when the goal is to fight fraud

Insurer vs Fraud [pdf] [10197] ?

Characteristics and detection

International Association of Special Investigation Units [13310] ?

Professional society of insurance industry fraud investigators

NAIC Insurance Fraud Reporting [26869] ?

File a report on suspected insurance fraud

National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association [13699] ?

Focus on the detection, investigation, prosecution and prevention of health care fraud

National Insurance Crime Bureau [2106] ?

Maintains databases for insurers and law enforcement officials for insurance crime prosecution

NJ-New Jersey Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor [12446] ?

Examples of insurance fraud in the state of New Jersey

Optimal Auditing for Insurance Fraud [pdf] [11875] ?

A white paper

Privacy in Claims Investigation [16409] ?

Privacy issues when investigating insurance claims

Red Flag That Isn't there [12601] ?

Advice for insurance claims specialists

Staged Vehicle Collisions [27434] ?

Many dishonest drivers will maneuver innocent motorists into auto accidents

The Ethical Dilemma Caused by Fighting Insurance Fraud [25688] ?

Insurers need to get their anti-fraud programs in order

Why Insurance Fraud Succeeds [24213] ?

The problem of insurance fraud and why it is so prevalent in U.S. society

Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter [2076] ?

Excerpts from Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter on insurance fraud

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