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Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) provider compliance program guides. Database of Office of Audit Services (OAS) audit reports. Report on insurance fraud perpetrated by medical providers, primarily medical clinics. Fact sheets on health care fraud, physician fraud, patient lies, etc.

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Fraud Control in the Health Care Industry [23063] ?

Study examined the health care industry's fraud control apparatus

Health Fraud 101 [13824] ?

How to spot health fraud

How To Recognize and Avoid Health Insurance Fraud [28711] ?

Health insurance scams perpetrated by unauthorized insurers

Medicare Compliance Program Guidance for Physicians [pdf] [1444] ?

Compliance guidance for small practices - to combat Medicare fraud

Medicare Fraud and Abuse [16181] ?

Provides the knowledge necessary to detect and prevent Medicare Fraud and Abuse

Medicare Fraud Prevention and Detection [15175] ?

Government efforts to stop Medicare fraud

Medicare: Fighting Fraud & Abuse [16262] ?

How CMS is fighting fraud and abuse - guidance for professionals

National Council Against Health Fraud [4474] ?

Nonprofit that focuse attention on health fraud, misinformation & quackery as public health problems

National Council Against Health Fraud [9359] ?

Science-based answers to frequently asked questions on alternative & complementary medicine

Updated National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association [4845] ?

Improve the detection, investigation, civil & criminal prosecution, and prevention of healthcare

Updated National Practitioner Data Bank [32318] ?

A flagging system that serves to alert users of possible healthcare practitioner fraud

Quackwatch [9356] ?

Guide to health fraud, quackery, etc.

Stop Medicare Fraud [12797] ?

US government efforts

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