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Index of diagnosis related groups. International classification of diseases ICD-9 code query system. Calculators, manuals related to DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding.

42 Resources
About Medical Coding [27944] ?

Overview of what medical coding is

American Academy of Professional Coders [15023] ?

Largest professional network of CPT, ICD-9-CM and HCPCS coders in the USA

ANA Recognized Terminologies and Data Element Sets [25386] ?

Data Element Sets and Terminologies that the ANA recognizes as supporting nursing practice

AOEC Exposure Codes [504] ?

Download the entire AOEC codes or view online

CCS - Clinical Classifications Software [12063] ?

Tool for clustering diagnoses/procedures to a manageable number of clinically meaningful categories

Certification [12084] ?

AHIMA certification sets the standard for excellence in health information management

Classification of Diseases [3966] ?

Describes the International Classification of Diseases 9&10 ICD & ICD-CM

Clinical Care Classification System Terminology Tables [25390] ?

For documenting the essence of patient care in the electronic health record

CMS - ICD-10 [40118] ?

ICD-10 for medical diagnosis and inpatient procedure coding

Coding Book for Occupational and Environmental Medical Practices [pdf] [26315] ?

Coding book for occupational and environmental medicine

CPT Codes for Psychiatry [11717] ?

Crosswalk of 2012 CPT Codes to 2013 CPT Codes

CPT Medical Coding [22028] ?

Article provides advice on where to locate CPT codes

DICOM: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine [25382] ?

International standards for communication of biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic information (fees)

HCPCS Codes [2093] ?

Online access to HCPCS codes (products, drugs, medical devices, etc.)

HCPCS: Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System [22267] ?

Information related to the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) for Medicare billing

Health Care Code Lists [18044] ?

Used by CMS and NUCC such as CARC, RARC and more

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) [7870] ?

Information related to the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)

HIPAA Transaction Code Sets Standards [9030] ?

Codes used for data elements, such as tables of terms, medical concepts, diagnosis, procedures, etc.

ICD-10 Coding System - CMS Latest News [9029] ?

Keep up with the latest news from CMS regarding ICD-10

ICD-10-CM [5991] ?

International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (in revision)

ICD-9 Changes [8921] ?

A convenient list of all the new and changed ICD-9 codes

ICD-9 Codes [9660] ?

Lists of ICD-9 codes - annual since 2002

ICD-9 Coding Search Engine [35623] ?

Online ICD-9 medical billing and procedure code sets

ICD-9 Diagnosis Coding Guidelines [16178] ?

Used to collect and process mortality statistics

ICD-9-CM Diagnosis and Procedure Codes with their Abbreviated Titles - Medicare [22251] ?

Diagnostic codes, surgical codes, annual updates used by Medicare

ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes [12936] ?

Look up ICD-9-CM codes

ICF - International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health [5987] ?

ICF describes how people live with their health condition

LOINC: Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes [22572] ?

Database of laboratory codes - Lab LOINC and Clinical LOINC

Medicare ICD-9-CM Reporting [1216] ?

Information related to ICD-9-CM and Medicare

Medicare Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility PPS - Data Files [20417] ?

Classify patients into distinct groups based on clinical characteristics and expected resource needs

Medicare: Transition to ICD-10 [6000] ?

Tools amd information that will help you with the transition to ICD-10

National Correct Coding Initiatives Edits [24302] ?

National correct coding methodologies to control improper coding leading to inappropriate payment in Part B claims

NDC: National Drug Code Directory [11276] ?

Serves as a universal product identifier for human drugs

NPI Registry [22260] ?

Enables you to search for a provider's NPPES information

Nursing Minimal Data Sets [25387] ?

A comparison of NMDSs - USA & Belgium

PNDS: Perioperative Nursing Data Set [25383] ?

Explains the usefulness for clinical practice and provides instructions for purchase (fees)

Seven Tips to Improve Your ICD-9 Coding for Diagnostic Tests [16174] ?

You can prevent costly claims denials by following these guidelines

SNOMED CT: Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms [25389] ?

Universal health care terminology - background and ordering information (fees)

Terrorism ICD-9-CM E Codes [5997] ?

New E codes for terrorism incidents

Unique Physician Identifier Number (UPIN) Directory [18045] ?

Unique numbering of physicians who provide services for which payment is made under Medicare

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Managed Care / Medical Costs
Average cost for medical care per DRG code, medical procedures & costs, etc.

Safety Mgt / Injury Codes
Sample injury code tables and related information

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