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Advice on how to manage Employment Practices Liability claims.

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Economic Downturn and Job Losses = EPL Claims [36458] ?

What companies need to consider to avoid EPL claims in a recession

Employment-Related Claims and Employment Practices Liability [pdf] [36465] ?

Strategies in addressing claims

EPL Retaliation Claims [36457] ?

Employees sue for discrimination while actively employed

EPL: Duty to or Non Duty to Defend [35271] ?

What is the best defense position

Panelists Field Mock an EPLI Claim [36462] ?

Dealt with the exposure itself and its insurability

Physician Litigation [514] ?

Closed claims studies

Retaliation Claims: An Overview [35268] ?

Elements of an Actionable Claim of Retaliation

Tips for Handling EPLI Cases [pdf] [36466] ?

How to handle insurance carriers and insureds in employment practice liability claims

What Do I Do With This EPLI Claim? [36461] ?

A guide for employers

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