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Property and casualty insurance claims kits, claims filing checklists and instructions, adjuster interview statement guides, insurance claims reporting/investigating guidance

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Adjuster Recorded Statement Issues [37253] ?

What to do if you have already given a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster

Business Auto Claims Checklist [37251] ?

How to handle a motor vehicle claim

Business General Liability Claims Checklist [37249] ?

What you should do when filing a GL insurance claim

Business Insurance Claims Checklists [37258] ?

For policyholders - auto claims, property claims, workers compensation claims, general liability, business lawsuit

Business Lawsuit Checklist [24665] ?

What you do in the early stages will have a major bearing on the outcome

Business Property Claims Checklist [37248] ?

Get through the initial hours following a loss by referring to the checklist

Business Workers' Comp Claims Checklist [24930] ?

Make workers compensation claims easier by asking the following questions

Claims Coordinator's Checklist & Subrogation Checklist [11179] ?

Checklist used by claims coordinators employed by the state of Texas

Disaster Insurance Claims Checklist [37261] ?

Designed for policyholders

Filing a Personal Injury Claim [37250] ?

Steps to help you file a claim with your insurance company

Glove Box Accident Guide [24609] ?

Contents of a vehicle accident fact kit

IL-Illinois IME Checklist [pdf] [13028] ?

Checklist for a Section 12 Examination (Independent Medical Exam) - for the WC claimant

Insurance Agency - Claim Instructions [37256] ?

Example of an insurance agency's instructions to claimants

Updated Insurance Claims Checklists [37263] ?

For property, business and personal claims

Insurance Claims Settlements - Rules of the Game [37254] ?

Learning the Rules of the Game will help you play with your own best interests in mind

Making an Insurance Claim Checklist [37262] ?

Steps you should take now to protect yourself, your property and your business

P:&C Insurance Adjuster Statement Guides [37246] ?

Questions P&C adjusters ask when interviewing claimants, insureds, witnesses, investigating officers

Personal Injury Insurance Claim - PIP Benefits [37264] ?

Your rights as injured person with PIP benefits on your auto policy

Personal Insurance Claims Checklists [37259] ?

For policyholders - auto claims, property claims, general liability

Personal Property Claims Checklist [16411] ?

Refer to this checklist to know what to do in the event of a property loss

Premises Injury - Checklist [37252] ?

Tips for claimants

Property Claims Checklist [pdf] [19357] ?

The following is a checklist of steps to take in the event of loss

Small Business Insurance Claims Checklist [37260] ?

For policyholders

State Traffic Crash Report Forms [36652] ?

Download state traffic crash report forms and any overlay code sheets applicable to that state

Worker's Compensation - Know Your Rights [24611] ?

Describing the rights of injured workers

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