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Reference materials related to auto liability and fleet claims management. State PIP fee schedules

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After Market Body Parts [25252] ?

Article provides rationale as to why they should not be used

Auto Claims: Totaled Car [9172] ?

What to do when your auto insurer totals your car

Auto v Mobile Equipment in the CGL [pdf] [25699] ?

Usually coverage arising out of the ownership, operation or maintenance of an auto is excluded by the CGL

Diminished Value Auto Claims [24684] ?

Diminished value payments when your car has been in a wreck

Diminished Value [18447] ?

Focuses on three (3) broadly accepted types of Diminished Value

Diminution in Market Value of Repaired Vehicles [26832] ?

Is your car worth less after accident repairs then if it had not been damaged

Eyewitnesses & Motor Vehicle Accidents [26042] ?

How to utilize an eyewitness to a vehicle accident

FL-Florida PIP Benefits [doc] [33839] ?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fee schedule benefit rates

Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers Association 20-Point Appraisal Program [13244] ?

Outlines 20 items related to conducting an independent automotive damage appraisal

Minor Impacts and Major Injuries [26043] ?

Understand the motor vehicle accident claim process

Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims [35277] ?

Guidance related to auto liability claims

NJ-New Jersey Automobile Medical Fee Schedule [33838] ?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fee schedule rules

NY-New York No-Fault Auto [33832] ?

Text of regulations 68 and 83 the no-fault medical fee schedule (fees), opinion letters and more

OR-Oregon PIP Fee Schedule [33837] ?

Ties Personal Injury Protection (PIP) reimbursements to the workers compensation fee schedule

Perceptual Diminished Value for Personal Autos [20106] ?

Examines the debate, relevant case law, and ISO's response

Preserving and Presenting Evidence in Traffic Accident Cases [26044] ?

The importance of preservation of physical evidence in traffic accident litigation

Recorded Statements to Insurance Adjusters [10406] ?

You will barely be able to believe the pressure that insurance adjusters will put on you to make a recorded statement

Rejection of Uninsured Motorist and Personal Injury Protection Coverage [27844] ?

Issues that the courts have addressed with respect to the rejection of UM/PIP coverage

Retrieving Black Box Evidence From Vehicles [24694] ?

Uses and Abuses of Vehicle Data Recorder Evidence in Criminal Trials

The Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation Formula [26041] ?

A metholodology for estimating the cost of auto accident insurance claims

Traumatic Stress and Motor Vehicle Accidents [24682] ?

Individuals involved in auto accidents may allege that they have experienced a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Vehicle Speed Estimation from Skid Marks [30363] ?

Calculate vehicle speed based on skid marks

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