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NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards, NIOSH Recommendations for Chemical Protective Clothing, North American Emergency Response Guide, International Chemical Safety Cards, isocyanates in the workplace, mercury, pentachlorophenol-treated materials, Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program, ethylene oxide, picric acid, managing workplace chemical hazards.

20 Resources
Australia - National Industrial Chemical Notification and Assessment Scheme [1087] ?

Assessments of more than 1,000 chemicals

Basic Chemical Handling Procedures [18464] ?

General safety practices when handling chemicals

Canada - Prevention & Control of Hazards [8329] ?

How to control workplace hazards for hazardous materials

Chemical Safety [7994] ?

A database of materials devoted to safety, health & injury prevention related to chemicals

Chemical SOPs and SOP Templates [39361] ?

Standard Operating Procedures for several chemical hazard categories and some commonly-used chemicals

CHEMM - Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management [9257] ?

For first responders and healthcare providers

Dangers of Dental Mercury [3111] ?

Fact sheet describing the hazards of mercury dental fillings

Halogenated Solvent Hazards [28888] ?

Safety articles on drycleaning solvents, solvent cleaning/degreasing, paint stripping and more

Household Chemical Emergency [28912] ?

How can I protect myself from a household chemical emergency

Household Cleaners Health & Safety [21087] ?

Advice from the The Soap and Detergent Association

International Chemical Safety Cards [543] ?

Download international safety card information in multiple languages

Isocyanates in the Workplace [3110] ?

Fact sheet describing exposure levels and controls for isocyanate hazards in the workplace

Metalworking Fluids - Safety [28960] ?

Work safely with metalworking fluids (MWFs)

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards [2815] ?

Full text of the NPG - information on 677 chemicals or substance groupings

North American Emergency Response Guide [10027] ?

Online transportation incident emergency response guide for dangerous goods in US, Canada, Mexico

Perchloric Acid Use in Laboratories [21049] ?

Safety fact sheet

Peroxide Forming Chemicals Management and Assessment Guide [pdf] [27004] ?

This guide helps you manage your peroxide forming chemicals

Steps to Transitioning to Safer Chemicals [40540] ?

Creating a systematic change by transitioning to the use of alternative chemicals that are safer

Western Australia: Hazardous Substances [13434] ?

Essential information about hazardous substances in the workplace

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Chemical Hygiene Plans, standard operating procedures, lab safety programs, etc.

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