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Information about potentially hazardous effects of chemicals on human reproduction and development. Effects of Workplace Hazards on Male & Female Reproductive Health. List of teratogens that cause birth defects, etc. with profiles of each chemical.

11 Resources
Canada: Reproductive and Developmental Hazards [23733] ?

Hazard-Specific Issues - explains WHMIS classification, hazard communication and more

Effects of Workplace Hazards on Male Reproductive Health [595] ?

How substances in the workplace can cause reproductive problems in men

Evaluating Chemical & Other Agents for Reproductive & Developmental Toxicity [20705] ?

Addresses reproductive & developmental defects attributable to chemical exposures

LactMed - Drugs and Lactation Database [12111] ?

A peer-reviewed and fully referenced database of drugs to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed

NIOSH Selected Topics: Reproductive [12962] ?

NIOSH documents on reproductive hazards in the workplace

Occupational Reproductive Chemical Stressors List [pdf] [26300] ?

A list of toxic chemicals with their reproductive effects

Pregnancy - Chemical and Radiological Hazards [12149] ?

Pregnancy and Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace

Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity [7957] ?

The toxic effects of a substance on the reproductive ability of an organism and the development of its offspring

Updated Teratology Society [11390] ?

Exchange of info relating to congenital defects including their nature, cause, mechanism, prevention

The Effects of Workplace Hazards on Female Reproductive Health [11121] ?

Information on workplace hazards can affect a woman's reproductive health

Workplace Hazards to Reproduction & Development [pdf] [4126] ?

A review of the issues that provides practical information

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