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Environmental chemistry and pesticide toxicology information. Answers to common questions about pesticide applications and their hazards. Fact sheets and documents on pest management, animal repellants, insecticides, fumigants, pheromes, rodenticides, etc. Pesticide health & safety. Pesticide laws & regulations, enforcement cases & decisions. Full text of the National Pesticide Application Training Core Manual. Worker protection standard, certification and training requirements and related subjects. The use of pesticides & herbicides on golf courses and how to reduce exposure. Pesticide Tolerance Index (TISInfo) System. Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings.

61 Resources
Agricultural Operations: Transporting Pesticides [35989] ?

Addresses the concern for transporting pesticides that are regarded as hazardous materials - for farmers

Agrochemicals and Security [36882] ?

Security considerations when storing pesticides

Agrochemicals and Security [35984] ?

A training module for the safe and secure storage of pesticides and fertilizers

AK-Alaska Pesticide Regulations [16583] ?

Text of the regulations

Australia: Chemical Safety on the Farm [pdf] [12520] ?

A guidance note

Bed Bugs - Control Strategies [pdf] [36879] ?

A technical guide for guidance regarding bed bug control

Best Pest Control [37894] ?

A guide on safe pest management

CA-Calfornia Pesticide Databases [3986] ?

Access to California EPA Dept of Pesticide Regulation databases

CA-California Pesticide Safety Information Series [24897] ?

Seires of leaflets primarily used as a training aid for employees

CA-California School IPM [16576] ?

Advice on compliance with implementation of the Healthy Schools Act of 2000 relating to pesticide use in schools

Canada: Pesticide Safety Information Series [9692] ?

A series of leaflets to use as a training aid for employees

Chemicals: Safe Mixing and Loading [16948] ?

Safety design of a proper maintenance site, mix-and-load area and storage facility

Cockroach Control Manual [16875] ?

Text of a manual on controlling cockroaches

Damaged Pesticide Containers [26361] ?

Advice on handling and cleaning up damaged pesticide containers for residential pesticide users

DEET [19870] ?

FAQ answers common questions about the insect repellant DEET

Effects of Pesticides on the Human Body [1889] ?

Signs and symptoms of acute exposure for several active ingredients

Environmental Impact of Pesticides [3841] ?

The rating system used to develop the environmental impact quotient of pesticides (EIQ) model

EPA Pesticide Food and Feed Commodity Vocabulary [24277] ?

Enter a crop name to retrieve the EPA preferred term

EPA Pesticide Label Review Manual [17072] ?

Guidance for product management team members who are responsible for performing label reviews

EPA Pesticide Product Databases [17427] ?

Pesticide chemical ingredients, product label, company information, registered and cancelled pesticides, etc

EPA Pesticide Registration [20130] ?

Forms and information needed to register a pesticide product with the US EPA

EPA Pesticide Tolerances [24276] ?

EPA requirements on the amount of pesticides that may remain in or on food

EPA Pesticide-Producing Establishments [14281] ?

Each facility that produces pesticides and/or devices must submit a report to EPA by March 1 each year

EPA Worker Protection Standards - 2015 [23299] ?

Regulatory Information for the 2015 Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

EPA's Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Publications [16874] ?

Requirements for pesticide safety training, notification of pesticide applications, use of PPE, etc

FDA Pesticides & Food Contamination [9786] ?

Guidance for industry

Insects and Pests [37889] ?

A series of fact sheets

Lawn Care Without Pesticides [3845] ?

How to reduce or eliminate the need for lawn pesticides

National Pesticide Telecommunications Network [2715] ?

Sources of information on the subject of pesticides

Navy Pest Control [pdf] [11560] ?

US Navy's pest control program

Pest Control Information [10448] ?

Pesticide-related topics

Pest Management [3894] ?

Large number of fact sheets and documents on pest management

Pest Management Technical Guides [36875] ?

Pesticide fires, disposal guide, personal protective measures, bed bug control, rodent-borne diseases and more

Pesticide Action Network North America [47] ?

US organization that promotes sound practices in pesticide use in North America

Pesticide Chemical Search [10432] ?

Active ingredient database

Pesticide Company Information Database Query [16575] ?

Information on pesticide companies

Pesticide Data Index [14287] ?

Pesticide data, which includes more than 68,000 volumes of data containing more than 190,000 studies

Pesticide Data Submitters List (PDSL) [13] ?

All pesticides sold or distributed in the United States must be registered by EPA

Pesticide Disposal Guide [pdf] [36885] ?

Minimizing pesticide disposal problems

Pesticide Illness & Injury Surveillance [27692] ?

A variety of information on pesticide illness and injury prevention

Pesticide Ingredients [5048] ?

Information about specific ingredients

Pesticide Interactions [5061] ?

Answers common questions about mixing pesticides and their hazards

Pesticide Manufacturer, Formulator, Producer, and Registrant Company Information [14933] ?

Toll free numbers, addresses, website links to pesticide manufacturers

Pesticide Product Information System [14288] ?

FIFRA section 3 & 24(c) pesticide product information

Pesticide Products Databases [10440] ?

Contains information concerning all pesticide products registered in the United States

Pesticide Safety for Agricultural Workers [43] ?

National worker safety trainer handbook and more

Pesticide Safety Program [17396] ?

Safety policies and procedures related to pesticide use

Pesticide Spill Management [pdf] [36880] ?

Spill contingency prevention, planning, emergency procedures

Pesticides and Schools [16947] ?

Should pesticides be applied to school grounds?

Pesticides: Health and Safety [8256] ?

Pesticide information relating to health and environmental effects

PPE for Pesticide Management Personnel [pdf] [36881] ?

Technical guidance

Safe Pesticide Use [9455] ?

Consumer information on pesticide safety

School IPM Helper [24862] ?

Compare the environmental and health impacts of pesticides used in California schools

Schools & Pest Management [24866] ?

Protecting Children in Schools from Pests and Pesticides

State Pesticide Regulatory Agencies [10449] ?

Addresses, phones & links to state pesticide regulatory agencies, plus US territories

Transporting Pesticides Safely [pdf] [35988] ?

Addresses the concern for transporting pesticides that are regarded as hazardous materials

US Navy Shipboard Pest Control Manual [pdf] [26302] ?

Text of the manual plus enclosures

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Online access to an extensive number of databases on chemicals

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Technical resources related to health hazards and chemicals

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Reference materials related to chemical training, tutorials, HESIS booklets, etc

Environment / Databases
Over 40 EPA environmental databases

Regulations / Pesticides
Full text of EPA & FDA regulations relating to pesticides

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Large number of agriculture safety bulletins, including dust hazards and control

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