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Lead poisoning causes, effects and prevention. Lead in drinking water. Occupational lead poisoning and lead safety. Guidelines governing lead health and safety contractor requirements. Methods for performing lead-based paint inspections in housing. Training on lead awareness. Specific elements of the OSHA lead-in-construction standard. Full text of a lead management program.

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ABLES - Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance Database [38638] ?

Database of laboratory-reported adult blood lead levels

ABLES - Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance Program [38639] ?

NIOSH program to build state capacity to create blood level surveillance programs

Australia National Standard for Inorganic Lead [18590] ?

Australian requirements for lead in the workplace

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program [3174] ?

CDC's Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch program's efforts to eliminate lead poisoning in the US

Don't Take Lead Home From Your Job [pdf] [10248] ?

Includes a list of job with lead hazards explained to consumers

Employee Lead in Construction Fact Sheet [12583] ?

Handout for employees exposed to lead in construction projects

EPA Lead Certification Program [36796] ?

How a contractor can become an EPA Lead Certified Firm

EPA Lead Laws and Regs [36404] ?

Requirements of the US EPA related to lead

EPA RRP Program - Renovation, Repair, and Painting [36406] ?

Explanation of rules that require contractor certification for handling lead in paint, dust and soil

Guidelines for Working with Lead-Containing Materials [28507] ?

Designed to promote the safe management of lead and lead-containing materials

Updated Health Hazards of Lead [21597] ?

At even very low levels, lead has been shown to cause health problems

HUD Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housing [3180] ?

How to identify lead-based paint hazards in housing and how to control such hazards

HUD Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control [3177] ?

Emphasis on the control of lead-based paint, including text of the lead paint disclosure rule

HUD Lead Disclosure Rule [13536] ?

US Dept of Housing & Urban Development lead housing sale/lease disclosure rules and guidance

Implementing Lead-Safe Work Practices for Steel Structures [13389] ?

Transporation agency policies in 12 states

Industries and Occupations with High Blood Leads [14109] ?

Gleaned from Abstracts in NIOSHTIC

KY-Kentucky Lead Poisoning & Lead Issues [13535] ?

Description of the state's lead program including the text of the related laws and regs

Laboratories Approved for Blood Lead Analysis [4255] ?

Source to locate laboratories that have met OSHA's blood lead analysis requirements

Lead Abatement on Bridges and Steel Structures [8642] ?

Tutorial on protection against toxic heavy metal pigments during bridge paint removal

Lead Compliance Guideline - Construction [12582] ?

Discusses the specific elements covered in the OSHA lead-in-construction standard, 29 CFR 1926.62

Lead Disposal Procedures [35337] ?

Example of a procedure in use at a major university

Lead Exposure from Torch Cutting [28971] ?

Industrial hygiene concerns from torch cutting on painted surfaces

Lead Exposure Limits [6227] ?

NIOSH and OSHA standards

Lead Exposure Management Plan [12663] ?

Designed for compliance with 29 CFR 1910.1025 and 1926.62

Lead Hazard Control Specs [14186] ?

Construction specs for lead hazard control

Lead in Consumer Products [7941] ?

Lead testing, lead in toys, lead in candy and more

Lead in Paint [10560] ?

CPSC informational material

Lead in the Workplace [4188] ?

Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (OLPPP) for the state of California

Lead Page [2777] ?

Access to information from all EPA sources related to lead poisoning prevention

Lead Paint Facts [17] ?

Information on lead and lead poisoning

Lead Poisoning in Industry [14107] ?

Fact sheet describes occupational lead poisoning

Lead Safety in the Home [36407] ?

For painting home safety during renovation work, etc

Lead-Based Paint - General Guidelines [2236] ?

Guidelines for workers involved in managing and working around lead-based paints

Lead: Identification, Remediation and Personal Protection, 29 CFR 1926 [3145] ?

Fact sheet reviews OSHA requirements related to lead and construction workers

MA-Massachusetts Lead Program [14142] ?

Statutes and regulations

Model Specifications for the Protection of Workers from Lead on Steel Structures [12581] ?

Guidelines governing lead health and safety contractor requirements

NC-North Carolina Lead Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule [36410] ?

Guidance documents from the State of North Carolina

NIOSH Selected Topics: Lead [12956] ?

NIOSH documents on the topic of lead safety

Occupational Exposure to Lead 1994 to 1999 [14866] ?

Results of NIOSH health hazard evaluations at work sites where lead exposures were present

Pb: Jobs [14108] ?

Charts list jobs and the industries commonly associated with occupational lead hazards

WI-Wisconsin Lead-Safe [36408] ?

Guidance documents from the State of Wisconsin

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