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Substance profiles of known and reasonably anticipated carcinogens, research articles on carcinogenesis and DNA damage, a list of Toxics Release Inventory chemicals that are OSHA carcinogens, full text of a safety manual for working with chemical carcinogens, guidance on safe work practices when handling cytotoxic drugs, the US National Toxicology Program's Annual Report on Carcinogens, etc.

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Annual Report on Carcinogens [1700] ?

Substance profiles of known and reasonably anticipated carcinogens

Australia National Standard for Carcinogens [18591] ?

Australian requirements for carcinogens in the workplace

Cancer Risk Assessment Methods [14901] ?

Classification schemes & dose-response assessment methods by EPA, ASTDR & Health Canada

Carcinogen Safety Manual [35946] ?

Example of a policy and procedure manual related to carcinogen safety

Updated Carcinogenic Potency Database [16720] ?

A widely used resource on the results of chronic, long-term animal cancer tests

Carcinogens - 13th Report [7956] ?

Identifies agents, substances, mixtures, and exposure circumstances that are known or anticipated to cause cancer

Carcinogens SOP [19426] ?

Standard operating procedures related to carcinogens

Cytotoxic Anti-Neoplastic Drugs [10267] ?

Guidance on safe work practices when handling cytotoxic drugs

Diesel Exhaust Carcinogenic [pdf] [40333] ?

World Health Organization (WHO) classifies diesel engine exhaust as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1)

Diesel Exhaust Hazards and Solutions [20514] ?

Diesel exhaust is classified as a carcinogen

IARC Monographs [24865] ?

Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans

International Toxicity Estimates for Risk [14902] ?

Independent risk values are included and compared with those from EPA, ATSDR & Health Canada

NTP Historical Control Information for the NIH-07 Diet [3834] ?

Tumor incidences and growth and survival curves for control animals from the NTP studies

NTP Testing Information and Study Results [18047] ?

Abstracts of Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Studies performed by the National Toxicology Program

Preventing Bladder Cancer from Exposure to o-Toluidine and Aniline [378] ?

Workers using o-Toluidine and Aniline are at increased risk for developing bladder cancer

SOP for Safe Handling of Carcinogenic Materials [pdf] [6656] ?

A fill-in-the-blank form outlines the standard operating procedure for carcinogens and highly toxic materials

Workplace Reproductive Health Program [5888] ?

Example of a program designed to protectthe fetal health of pregnant workers

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