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Technical fact sheets, reports and procedure manuals provide answers for supervisors, building inspectors and management planners about understanding the health effects of asbestos, recognizing asbestos in buildings, implementing asbestos control programs & abatement projects, complying with OSHA and NESHAP regulatory requirements and more.

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AHERA Warning Label Requirements [21029] ?

Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requirements for schools

Asbesto Management Guide [pdf] [18421] ?

Full text of a program in use by the US Postal Services

Asbestos & Drinking Water [pdf] [9850] ?

Studies do not support that an increased cancer risk comes from drinking water with asbestos

Updated Asbestos & Vermiculite [8972] ?

Fact sheets and information about the management of asbestos

Updated Asbestos Abatement Specs [14185] ?

Construction specs for asbestos abatement

Asbestos Awareness [11435] ?

Online tutorial for workers about asbestos

Asbestos Awareness Training [24920] ?

Training materials on asbestos hazards

Asbestos Floor Maintenance Guidelines [pdf] [14491] ?

Suggested guidelines

Asbestos Hazards [2709] ?

As described by the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Updated Asbestos Health Data from Inhalation Exposure [10496] ?


Asbestos in Building Materials [23921] ?

Guidance for maintenance personnel

Asbestos Management Plan [pdf] [2658] ?

Text of an asbestos safety program

Asbestos Management Program [17379] ?

Guidelines for handling building asbestos to assist in meeting AHERA regulatory requirements

Asbestos Management Program [24518] ?

Text of a safety program in use at a major university

Asbestos Management Program [pdf] [27277] ?

Includes safety procedures

Updated Asbestos Operations and Maintenance [15289] ?

Procedures in use at a major university

Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Program [22990] ?

Full text of a program in use at a major university

Asbestos Photo Guide [28384] ?

Visual identification of asbestos-suspect materials in buildings - a photo guide

Asbestos Safety Manual [28504] ?

Policies and procedures that apply to the use, maintenance, and removal of asbestos and asbestos containing materials

Asbestos Self-Inspection Checklist [24551] ?

Yes/no checklist for OSHA asbestos requirements

Asbestos State Resource Locator [24879] ?

Links to state agency departments responsible for asbestos regulations in their state

Asbestos Update [11934] ?

Medical abstracts, doctor referrals and mesothelioma patient profiles

Asbestos: An Overview [8971] ?

Explanation of chrysotile asbestos, vermiculite, asbestos applications

Australia Code of Practice: Asbestos [18588] ?

For the management and control of asbestos in the workplace

Better Protection Against Asbestos in the Workplace [15496] ?

Highlights of the OSHA requirements

Building Owner's Responsibility for Asbestos [pdf] [12612] ?

OSHA requirements for property owners related to asbestos

Control of Asbestos Exposure from Brake and Clutch Repair and Service [pdf] [18420] ?

Engineering controls to protect employees and the environment

Crayons and Asbestos [25280] ?

Concerning the alleged presence of asbestos in crayons

Updated Engineering Control of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) [pdf] [5501] ?

Safety requirements for the demolition, removal, encapsulation and disposal of ACM

Updated Home: Asbestos Booklet [10494] ?

EPA booklet for homeowners about the health effects & what to do about asbestos in the home

Manual of Procedures for Asbestos Inspections & Management Plans [pdf] [12740] ?

Guidelines for asbestos in buildings

MN-Minnesota Builder Owners Responsibilities for Asbestos [pdf] [15504] ?

Building and facility owners duties related to worker safety

Updated NESHAP for Asbestos Handling [10501] ?

The asbestos regulation covers many sources of asbestos pollution

Updated OSHA Asbestos Standard Guidance [7916] ?

Explains the dangers of asbestos and OSHA requirements for general industry

Potential Asbestos Contamination in Soft Concrete [19404] ?

Old buildings might have soft concrete on their roofs that contains asbestos

Updated Protecting Workers from Asbestos [35759] ?

EPA and OSHA requirements

Recommendations for Preventing Occupational Exposure to Asbestos [23329] ?

Asbestos abatement information and more

Sample Asbestos Management Plan [11994] ?

Full text of a plan in use by a major university

Selected Topics: Asbestos [5693] ?

Links to materials devoted to increased safety, health & injury prevention related to asbestos

The Mesothelioma Center [40488] ?

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused almost exclusively by exposure to asbestos

United Kingdom: Hazards at Work - Asbestos [11936] ?

Series of articles on managing asbestos in the workplace

Vermiculite [11952] ?

The concern isn't with the vermiculite itself but rather the asbestos in some vermiculite products

Updated Vermiculite Insulation - Asbestos-Contaminated [35805] ?

If you have vermiculite insulation, you should assume this material may be contaminated with asbestos

Western Australia: National Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos [10299] ?

Western Australia requirements regarding safe asbestos removal

What to do if Asbestos Hazards are Suspected [10561] ?

How To Identify Materials That Contain Asbestos

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